Fettes, Love and Sieben is committed to staying current with the latest technologies in the industry. In doing so, we can now provide coordinated drawings in three dimensions. This helps us locate any conflicts using clash detection with architecture and other trades early on in the project. We can make changes and issue RFIs early on in the project with minimal affects on the time schedule and budget.

Another benefit to this technology is our shop can provide the foremen with detailed drawings as to the elevations and locations the plumbing systems need to be installed. This minimizes "on the job" conflicts and coordination issues and allows us to install quickly, efficiently and hopefully ahead of schedule.

Using the Trimble Total Station we are able to lay out points from our model. Hanger, sleeves, cores and equipment pad locations are laid out with ease and accuracy to ensure our plumbing systems are installed as it is shown in the building model.

As with all technology, it changes quickly and Fettes, Love & Sieben is committed to staying current with it.