As Chicago's buildings age, so do their plumbing systems. Two main materials for domestic water piping are galvanized steel pipes and copper pipes. On average galvanized steel lasts 50 years while copper lasts in excess of 75 years. Water pressure issues and debris in the water are the first signs of a problem and if these signs are ignored long enough there is the risk of catastrophic failure of the pipe.

When the time comes to replace plumbing risers planning and logistics are extremely important. The most important aspect of this type of work is to minimize hardships for the building's tenants and owners. Walls need to opened, cabinets need to be moved, water needs to be shut down and turned on all while the building is occupied. This is where Fettes, Love & Sieben's extensive experience comes in. Riser replacement is a specialty for us. Some notable projects include work in many of Chicago's historic buildings including Park Tower, 999 Lake Shore Drive and Water Tower Place. Please browse through the pictures above for examples of our work.

We have developed a formula for replacing plumbing risers with the absolute minimal disruptions for the buildings tenants and owners